Justin’s Long-Term Commitment to Honey Bees and Honey Saves Hives

Justin's honey almond and peanut butter
Buying Honey Almond Butter has never been so sweet, thanks to Justin’s commitment to Honey Saves Hives. They have been a partner since year one of the program, and continue to drive innovation and goodwill throughout the spread category.  Boulder, Colo.-based Justin’s has played a key role in defining the spread category as we know it. Before their arrival on store shelves, the spread category was dominated by peanut butter. Consumers had two choices: chunky or smooth. Justin’s changed that, ushering in a variety of nut butters and flavors, but it didn’t happen overnight. Justin’s got its start at farmers markets, where Justin Gold took his one-of-a-kind almond butter and paired it with honey for Honey Almond Butter. He took that product to the Boulder Farmers Market in Colorado along with Heavenly Honey Peanut Butter for its debut 15 years ago. The rest is history.  Justin’s mission is to craft real food products made with high-quality, mindfully-sourced ingredients that contribute to our world in a positive and meaningful way, and that are always delicious. Honey Almond Butter fits in with this mission, and also happens to be delicious   “It really is such a unique product on the market with having honey in the spread. Honey and nut butter — we're tapping into that usage occasion. Justin experimented with a lot of flavor varieties, and those really complemented each other and combined to make a winning combination,” Penny Andino, Justin’s vice president of marketing, says.
Justin’s Honey Almond Butter and Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter continue to be as popular with fans today as they were when they were first launched. Whether enjoyed straight out of the jar on a spoon or from a single-serve squeeze pack, these two popular varieties offer between seven to eight grams of plant-based protein per serving, providing the convenient nutrition people crave.” -Penny Andino
It’s not just the taste that brings customers back to Justin’s product lines. It’s also the mission and the company’s dedication to pollinators.  “It’s important to do everything we can to support the bees,” Andino says.
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