TEAKOE’s Fizzy Teas Sparkles Up Honey Saves Hives

Honey is core to two varieties in TEAKOE’s Fizzy product line, the culmination of an innovative launch in the ready-to-drink category. A creative leader in combining new ideas with quality ingredients, TEAKOE’s product represents health benefits of tea in conjunction with all-natural ingredients — like honey — packaged in a fun, carbonated canned experience.

TEAKOE joins Honey Saves Hives on the heels of its pollinator initiative in which a portion of proceeds goes to local pollinator projects. 

“We’re not just selling a product with honey,” founder Pete Jokisch said. “We want to help in understanding where it comes from and how beneficial it can be for our ecosystem. If we want to use an ingredient, we want to contribute back to the source of that ingredient, leaving the planet better from where we came. I think it’s important for us who use honey to give credit where credit is due — raise awareness and not only do that but understand better pollination practices. Bees are some of the most efficient creatures on this planet.”

TEAKOE has been in the tea business for 13 years, and when looking at marketing opportunities, having so many experiences with tea, the company saw an opportunity to showcase the health benefits of tea in conjunction with flavor profiles, making it also a fun experience with the Fizzy spin. The unique presentation came from an opportunity in the category that aimed to both create healthy daily habits through a flavorful tea and answer a number of consumer questions: What are you? Are you a traditional tea? A sparkling water? A craft soda? 

There's a natural synergy between tea and honey. They have been synonymous for so many years, and TEAKOE wanted to take a fresh spin on the relationship with Peach Lavender Fizzy Green Tea and Lemon Raw Honey Fizzy Black Tea. Honey improves the flavor profile and adds to an ingredients list that consumers are accustomed to seeing.

“When you decide to use honey, it goes beyond just using it as a sweetener, which is what a lot of people perceive it to be used as. It helps create texture and brings so many benefits to the table,” Jokisch said. “We’re showcasing wildflower honey and contributing back to the bees as much as possible. I appreciate the work that the National Honey Board does. It’s a great resource for when people want to learn more about honey, bees and incorporating honey into your health. You’re setting a standard for a resource where people can learn. I appreciate when people dedicate themselves for something that matters.”

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