This Saves Lives’ Saves Hives, Children in Need

Honey Saves Hives partnerships not only raise awareness for honey bees, but they also promote nutrition for the entire family. The unique collaboration highlights better-for-you bars and snack products for kids; in fact, one sweetened-with-honey bar also includes one serving of fruits and vegetables, many that wouldn’t be possible without honey bees’ pollination efforts. The National Honey Board spoke to the team at This Saves Lives about the Honey Saves Hives cooperation and why it’s the perfect pairing with the motto: “Buy a bar. Feed a Child. We Eat Together.”

Why did This Saves Lives partner with the National Honey Board for Honey Saves Hives?

It is important that we work alongside other food brands and bring awareness to the importance of honey bees. Honey is a premium ingredient we use in all of our kids and adult snack bars. Honey bees also pollinate the nuts and fruits included in our snack bars. We are excited to partner with the National Honey Board to bring awareness to how integral honey bees are to providing delicious, nutritious food.

– Anya Farquhar, Creative Director


Let’s talk about honey’s flavor, functionality and binding properties in the Beehive Jive Honey & Oat bars.

The honey in our Beehive Jive bar is the rockstar ingredient; it gets first billing and for good reason — it’s a delicious crowd pleaser! Not only does it act as a natural and effective binder with the oats and other sub-ingredients, but it also brings a very nuanced and warm flavor profile to the bar. Soft, balanced sweetness, and ridiculously delicious — for kids and parents alike!

– Ryan Devlin, Co-Founder and VP of Sales


Why was the decision made to use honey in the bars?

Honey is a premium ingredient that accentuates our other natural ingredients, including almonds, flax seeds and Madagascar vanilla. Consumers love honey, as it brings a sophisticated flavor that’s familiar and exciting.

– Ryan Devlin, Co-Founder and VP of Sales

We wanted to keep sugar levels low, especially in our kids bars. And rather than moving to alternative sweeteners, honey checked all the boxes of flavor, sweetness and binding properties.

– Lambert van Hulst, VP of Operations


Each product sold helps a child in need. Can you talk about this initiative and how it fits into the Honey Saves Hives program?

Nutritious food is a basic human need. And at This Saves Lives we are on a mission to put an end to severe acute malnutrition and child hunger. With every purchase, we send life-saving food to a child in need. Our products are made with premium ingredients so we can provide nutritious snacks for our customers. Working with the Honey Saves Hives program we can bring awareness to the importance of bees in nutrition for all.

– Anya Farquhar, Creative Director


Read more about the This Saves Lives, Honey Saves Hives partnership.

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