3 Reasons Why Food and Beverage Manufacturers Should Support Honey Saves Hives

For the past four years, the National Honey Board has promoted the important role that honey bees play in the food system through its Honey Saves Hives campaign. This year-round marketing and educational program enlists food and beverage brands to help us spread the word on the important role honey bees, honey and beekeepers play in our day-to-day lives. 

For the past year, we’ve been working with the following brands to promote Honey Saves Hives:

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These companies have made a commitment to promote the importance of honey bees by promoting their products with honey. Together, the National Honey Board and these companies have made hundreds of millions of impressions on consumers. And, we’re looking for more partners to have an even bigger impact in the coming year.  Here are three reasons why your company should join the Honey Saves Hives campaign:
  1. Honey bees are responsible for more than 35% of the foods we eat. Chances are, the foods and beverages you make use ingredients pollinated by honey bees (check here!). Ingredients ranging from avocados and almonds to pears and pumpkins require honey bee pollination. This fact alone is reason enough to get involved with efforts to protect honey bees. 
  2. Honey Saves Hives is a win-win for our partners and honey bees. The campaign’s message is simple. Buy made-with-honey products. Support healthy honey bees. We support our partners’ made-with-honey products by telling this story to our audience. And, we help our brand partners tell this story to their own audience.
  3. Joining the Honey Saves Hive campaign is free! All that’s required is a commitment to promote the campaign’s message on social media and with your company’s employees. 
Partnering with Honey Saves Hives aligns your brand with a movement focused on helping bees and beekeepers thrive, therefore keeping our food system intact. Learn more by emailing keith@honey.com
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