Kate’s Real Food Shows Honey’s Possibilities are Endless

Honey Saves Hives Partner, Kate’s Real Food, is a woman-founded, privately-owned snack brand.

Founder Kate Schade is described as fearless, creating a company using a background in farming mixed with a healthy thirst for adventure. When we talked to Schade a few years ago, she said that she wanted to create a food bar that she could put in her pocket, that would taste great and that would have recognizable ingredients. Honey was a part of the wish list, and since then, Kate’s Real Food has used honey to propel the company into a powerhouse snack brand.

Functionality with Honey + Protein
Kate’s Real Food’s newest Protein Bar line stays on trend with one of the hottest consumer demands: protein. Peanut Butter Cup, Peanut Butter Brownie and Snickerdoodle are the newest organic, plant-based flavors. Tapping into the growing demand for high protein and high functionality, each honey-sweetened bar delivers 14 to 15 grams of premium plant-based protein. They’re also gluten-free, cholesterol-free and rich in fiber, healthy fats and antioxidants.

Making Honey Bars Accessible to All
Kate’s Real Food markets to active, adventurous types, so it’s no surprise that on-the-go expansion includes partnerships with Delta Air Lines and Amtrak. Delta offers passengers popular Dark Chocolate Cherry and Almond, Oatmeal Cranberry and Almond and Lemon Coconut Mini Bars, and last year the airline added new White Chocolate Macadamia mini bars as an in-flight snack. Meanwhile, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut bars are all aboard Amtrak trains, which are focusing on more better-for-you options for passengers. With this expansion, there are no bounds as to what a honey-sweetened, all-natural whole food ingredient bar can offer.

Schade told us that when she was a child, her family had hives on her farm, so honey was an ingredient that she always knew would be in her products. Honey and bees are key for the environment and the world’s food supply, which is just another great reason why Kate’s Real Food is the perfect Honey Saves Hives partner.

Pick up a honey-sweetened bar, mini or boost of protein and help Honey Saves Hives today.

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