The Job Swap Experiment

Without honey bees, about 90 crops in the United States wouldn't exist, including almonds. The U.S. almond crop is a prime example of how bees impact our food supply. The major California-grown crop needs cross-pollination from bees to grow, and the bees also benefit from the nutritious almond pollen.

Six years ago the National Honey Board, Almond Board of California, Project Apis m., and CollaborateUp united to illuminate the symbiotic relationship between honey bees and the agricultural industry in the inspiring documentary “The Job Swap Experiment.”

This 25-minute film puts almond growers and beekeepers in each other’s shoes, offering a firsthand look at what each industry does to protect bees. It features growers, beekeepers, crop advisors, and hive management advisors, who use their expertise in insects to provide insight into pollinators and all that they do for our food. Check out the film below.
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