Foodservice professionals across the world are pledging to use real honey on their menus.

Honey bees’ contributions extend far beyond making honey; their pollination is vital to the creation of many of the foods we eat – and many of the foods you include on your menus. Using real honey is the best way to support bee health, the beekeepers who care for the hives, and our global food supply. Support Honey Saves Hives by signing the pledge below.

Sign the Honey Saves Hives Pledge

    Honey Bees and Your Menu

    Honey bees are responsible for pollinating 1/3 of the world’s food supply. Without them, there’s no honey in your tea, avocado for your guacamole, nutmeg in your latte or apples and blueberries to make a pie. Bottomline: If it weren’t for pollinators, your menu would look a whole lot different. Check out all the ingredients that may be on your menu that would not be possible without the hard work of honey bees and beekeepers:

    Caring for Honey Bees

    Beekeepers are stewards of not only the honey production process, but the well-being and management of honey bees. Beekeepers are committed to bee nutrition, well-maintained apiaries, and the appropriate application of pest control. They also pay special attention to clean forage and hive placement, ensuring that honey bees have access to an abundance of nearby plants for pollination. All of this creates a healthy environment for honey bees to do what they naturally do.
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