Use honey. Protect bees. Help the planet.

It’s that simple. Honey Saves Hives is a national campaign designed to raise awareness about one of our most precious natural resources: honey bees.

Buy a jar of honey, purchase a product with honey in it or go to a restaurant that serves a killer hot honey chicken sandwich. It all helps support bees, beekeepers, our diverse food supply and our environment.

Partner Spotlight

Justin’s Honey Almond Butter

Honey plays a large role across Justin’s expanding product line. It provides sweetness to the company’s Honey Almond Butter as well as showcases the symbiotic relationship honey bees have with food. Almonds require honey bee pollination, so it only makes sense to pair almond butter with honey to showcase how buying products made with honey helps honey bees and beekeepers.

Buy Now and Help Honey Bees

Justin's Honey Almond Butter
Bee and flower

Honey + Honey Bees = A Better World

Honey bees play a vital role in our global food supply, as they are responsible for producing the honey we enjoy and pollinating about 35% of the foods we eat.

Without honey bees, there’s no honey in your tea, avocado for your guacamole, watermelon at your picnic, nutmeg in your latte or apples to make a pie

September is National Honey Month!

What better way to celebrate honey and honey bees than to throw your own honey-themed party. We’ve partnered with Brandi Milloy to provide inspiration for a buzz-worthy gathering complete with food and decor. Learn more about honey, honey bees and pollination.

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Honeycomb and dipper
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Get Involved

Join the buzz. 

Eat honey and buy products made with honey for a better planet. Follow us and #BeeCommitted to honey bees and honey.

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