September is National Honey Month!

Celebrate with the National Honey Board by supporting the food and beverage brands that support bees.

Make Your Purchase Count

When buying participating products made with honey from these food and beverage companies, you’re supporting beekeepers’ ability to keep healthy bees.

By doing so, you’re helping maintain a balance between pollinators and our planet’s entire ecosystem.

Show your support by purchasing participating made with honey products from these companies throughout September, and they will donate to Project Apis m., the largest honey bee non-profit in the United States.

Our Partners

Celebrate National Honey Month by purchasing our brand partners’ participating products that are made with honey.

Purely Elizabeth

Start your day off right with Purely Elizabeth’s line of granolas, oatmeals and mixes. We love the company’s Honey Peanut Butter and Honey Almond granolas. Each contains only real, natural ingredients including honey!


From naturally delicious nut butters, to plant-based snacks, to organic nut butter cups, Justin’s has been satisfying consumer taste buds by using common sense and high-quality ingredients like honey! We recommend the Honey Almond Butter, Honey Peanut Butter and the Honey Almond Butter Protein Bar.

Lost Cause

This award-winning San Diego meadery crafted a special mead just for National Honey Month! The traditional mead showcases honey’s best characteristics, from it’s sweetness to its acidity to its aromatics.


This refreshing sparkling water truly shows the versatility of honey’s role as both a flavor and sweetener. Just a touch of honey in the form of different varietals gives this brand’s three varieties such a unique flavor and aroma.

Companion Baking

Bread pudding with a honey banana filling? We’ll take two! This St. Louis-based bakery is working with Fresh Thyme Market to promote this delicious treat, as well as the importance of honey bees.

90+ Fruits, Vegetables and Spices

Honey bees pollinate more than 90 different crops and play a role in one-third of the foods we eat. Without honey bees, there’s no avocado for your guacamole, watermelon at your picnic, nutmeg in your latte or apples to make a pie. The health of honey bees is important for the production of honey and so much more.

Pollination List


Mother Nature’s Sweetener.

Straight from the flower to the bee to your favorite foods and beverages, honey truly is Mother Nature’s Sweetener. An all-natural ingredient made in the world’s most efficient factory: the beehive. A sweetener to feel good about consuming and one to look for in ingredient listings of your favorite brands. There’s a reason why Companion Baking, Justin’s, Lost Cause Meadery, Melle Water and Purely Elizabeth use honey. It’s natural, flavorful and simply makes products better.

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